Living Arrows 51/52

Almost there! Week 51 of the I Heart Snapping Living Arrows project and I haven’t missed a single week! I was pleased to hear this week that The Living Arrows is going to carry on next year too so I can do it all again! This last week started off pretty horrendously with Toby still awake and screaming for hours every night, unless I was sat on his bedroom floor. He spent more than a few hours sleeping in our bed this week as it was the only way we could all get some sleep. Towards the end of the week though, his cold wasn’t clearing up and his cough seemed to be getting worse so I took him to the doctor on Friday….and it turns out he has an ear infection and a chest infection! No wonder the poor little bear was crying so much. So, he started antibiotics on Friday and we’ve had two much better nights, still a wake up or two, but straight back to sleep after some milk and a cuddle. So fingers crossed we get a third good night in a row and he’s as recovered as he can be for Christmas. It’s been lovely having our happy, playful little boy back this weekend, even if he is still dripping snot like he’s got a tap up his nose that someone forgot to turn off!

In this week’s photo Toby is having fun with his Christmas tree. We’ve got a big tree too but we’re trying to keep him away from that one. This little fibre optic tree is the only one I used to have when I lived in a flat on my own and now it only has a few cheap supermarket decorations on it so Toby can take them off and put them back on to his heart’s content. He especially likes taking the glittery star off the top and putting it back on – this little tree is the perfect height for him! And he even says something that sounds like it might be ‘star’ too.


living arrows

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  1. He looks so big! I remember when we started chatting and he was an actual baby – they’re not very baby any more! One Living Arrows left, this year has flown by x

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