Living Arrows 51/52 (2015)

It’s only been a few days since my last Living Arrows post so I’m not going to say much this time! We are all slowly recovering from our various coughs and colds, and the boys are sleeping a little better for now too. I’m hoping we are all fully better for Christmas and our visits to all the grandparents.

Toby is going through another phase of mummy having to do everything which is frustrating for both me and Barry. He’s been quite clingy this week too, with lots of ‘my cuddle mummy’, ‘my sit on mummy’, ‘mummy do it’… which is lovely at times but quite annoying when I have Gabe to look after too and other things that need doing, and especially because Barry is now at home for the Christmas holidays and he is perfectly capable and willing to provide cuddles and a knee to sit on!

On the whole though Toby is really lovely to be around and he’s very funny these days. He had us all giggling the other day when he proclaimed ‘just a minute daddy, I have an idea!’ We never did find out what his idea was though… Or yesterday, he was playing with his flashcards and we had them all on the floor asking him to find different things. He found loads of them with no trouble; a fish, a dragon, cheese, an apple, bread, jam….and then I said ‘now can you find the milk’, at which he immediately got up, walked into the kitchen and produced the bottle of milk from the fridge! Well, you can’t fault his logic.

This week’s photo tickled me – I love how toddlers see absolutely nothing wrong with sitting eating their lunch whilst wearing a bobble hat.

51_52 15 T

Gabe is still being a little superstar really. Apart from a few early mornings (which luckily for me Barry got up for), and a bit of shouting around bedtime on a couple of nights, he’s pretty chilled out most of the time. He’s been loving his play mat this week and has gone from seemingly not being able to reach the toys to grabbing on for dear life and not letting go! He’s getting really close to rolling over too – another couple of inches and he’ll be there.

51_52 15 G


Thanks to Donna at What the Redhead Said for hosting Living Arrows this week, and for featuring one of my pictures.

Living Arrows

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