Living Arrows 50/52 (2016)

Hello, and welcome to this week’s very late installment of ‘who’s ill this week?’

Sunday night Gabe woke up with awful croup. He’s had it before so we didn’t bother with phoning 111, we just gave him a puff of his inhaler that he got when he had bronchiolitis a couple of months ago, then stood outside on the balcony for a bit as the cold air is supposed to help. He spent the next couple of nights sleeping in bed with me while Barry got relegated to the sofa. The croup went quite quickly just leaving him with a cough and cold but our couple of nights of good sleep last week are now a distant memory.

The rest of us have got colds too but I guess that’s pretty standard for this time of year. With everyone feeling a bit sorry for themselves we’ve not done much this week. On Monday while Gabe was having a nap Toby and I made a robot out of old boxes and tinfoil. I’d been promising Toby we would do it for weeks after he saw it on CBeebies and I’d finally run out of excuses not to do it! To be fair I did most of it but it was mostly Toby’s design. I think it came out pretty well if I do say so myself! Excuse the mess in the background – the kitchen still isn’t quite finished!


On Thursday we actually made it out of the house briefly – we had to pick up Gabe’s reflux meds from the chemist and managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the park too. Even Gabe got out of the buggy for a little play too.


Living Arrows

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