Living Arrows 49/52

2014 is still racing towards its end and a remarkable pace. I now only have two full weeks at school (and two days, but we’ll just ignore those for now!) before the holidays and I am counting down the days, the hours even! Not only am I looking forward to a break from school but I’m also looking forward to spending Christmas with my family and getting to have Toby at home too.

This week has been fairly uneventful really. We are all, for the first time in what feels like months, actually well. Apart from a few lingering snotty noses at least! We had a lovely weekend filled with garden centres, dancing Santas, coffee, cake and meeting friends and Toby has caught up on some much needed sleep.

This week’s Living Arrows photo shows Toby in what is a pretty common pose for him. He is definitely a thumb sucker – mostly only when he is tired though. However, he sleeps with a muslin (when he was little he seemed to like them and because I was keen that he not get attached to one particular comforter I was happy to encourage it) and so now the association between muslin and sleep is so strong that whenever he gets his hands on a muslin his thumb goes straight in his mouth too. So even though he was having fun bouncing on his Happy Hopperz cow he still picked up a muslin and started sucking his thumb too!


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