Living Arrows 48/52

I’ve not got too much to say this week really. We’ve all been ill but are just about getting better. Toby is still quite hard work a lot of the time (especially now he wails every time he can’t have something or do something he wants) but is also still our adorable cheeky little monkey a lot of the time. I’m so happy his foot seems fully recovered though, I’m loving him walking and watching him exploring everything in the house all over again now he’s on his feet.

I’ve got two pictures for this week’s Living Arrows post the first taken in the garden, on our very soggy, mossy lawn. Toby didn’t care though, he was happy just walking about with his ball.

The second photo Barry took when we were playing about the other day – I just love Toby’s expression in this one!
48_52 2

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