Living Arrows 48/52 (2016)

Hi. Did you miss me? The eagle eyed among you may have noticed I’ve not posted since last week. Do you know what though? I’m bored of writing this myself so you must definitely be bored of reading it – we’ve all been ill again; stomach bug and colds this time. Far too many bodily fluids to deal with…

So anyway, here’s some pictures of the boys.

Toby making gingerbread

Before the illness struck last week Toby and I made some gingerbread. They were yummy, if a little puffy because I halved the recipe but forgot to halve the baking powder!

And this is Gabe’s big fluffy bum, just because…

Gabe's big cloth nappy bum

Living Arrows

4 thoughts on “Living Arrows 48/52 (2016)

  1. Oh you completely have my sympathies. I must have loved in our doctors surgery this year with all sorts of bugs and I would literally try to hide at the back so the same GPs wouldn’t spot me. It really will pass. Xx love the nappy bum 🙂

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