Living Arrows 48/52 (2015)

I’m back to my old habits of being super-late with my Living Arrows post again – I’m just going to sneak this one in before the next one is due tomorrow!

There has been a general lack of blogging this week; at first it was because I was giving the blog a bit of a design overhaul (What do you think by the way? I really love it!), and then my computer decided it was going to have a go slow for the rest of the week. It’s been having trouble since I upgraded to Windows 10 last month, Barry did his best to try and sort it out last night but it’s still not working brilliantly. I might just have to ask Father Christmas for a new one!

I’ve been up a lot with both boys too – lots of early starts and not a huge amount of sleep have made for rather a lack of blogging motivation.

Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures of the boys this week and hopefully next week I’ll be back on my blogging game!

This picture of Toby is just a quick snap I took the other day when we were having a Teddy Bears’ picnic for lunch. Toby has been getting a bit fussy about his food recently so I thought I’d try something to make lunch time a bit more fun. Toby certainly enjoyed it but I think he ate even less than he usually does!

48_52 15 T

I can’t believe Gabe is heading towards four months now – he’s at that great age where they really start paying attention to everything that is going on around them, you can really see his personality starting to come out now and I love his expression in this picture, looking right into the camera.

48_52 15 G

And lastly I have to include this Instagram picture – Toby hasn’t really been too bothered about Gabe so far. He mostly tolerates him but he generally doesn’t seem that impressed by him. This week though I think he has started to realise that his little brother might actually be quite interesting, and he asked if Gabe could sit on his knee. I’m not sure that Gabe was convinced but it was too cute not to take a picture!

48_52 15


Living Arrows

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