Living Arrows 47/52

I can’t believe we’re on week 47 of the year! Only another five weeks to go until the end of 2014 (and that means only five more Monday’s at school too!). We’ve had another tiring week here… Toby’s foot/leg seems to have recovered from whatever was wrong with it. I suppose we’ll never find out what the matter was but I’m glad it’s improved, which also means we have a walking toddler again! Of course life is never plain sailing though so although his foot has recovered Toby has now caught the cough and cold that I had last week and has been really suffering the last few days. He’s had a high temperature (up to 39.5° a few times) for three days now so I had him at the out of hours GP yesterday just to make sure it wasn’t something I should be worrying about. They reckon it’s just viral and as he seems OK in himself just to keep giving Calpol and cuddles. And as if that wasn’t enough his teeth seem to be really bothering him again the last few days! The top canines have finally broken the gum but the bottom ones are still coming. Fingers crossed they come quick and hopefully we all might get a break for Christmas.

So to this week’s Living Arrows photo. With his cold and teeth Toby hasn’t been eating too well the last few days but he seemed to be enjoying his bagel at lunchtime yesterday, and I love how he’s decided he’d rather wear a cape than a bib!


living arrows

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