Living Arrows 46/52

We’ve had a better week this week, kind of! Toby still won’t put his heel down although he is managing to walk a bit now. We’ve still got no idea what’s wrong with him and it’s showing no sign of improvement so it looks like we’ll be back to the hospital some time next week. Having said that, Toby has been a bit cheerier and we haven’t really had any tantrums this week. His sleep has still been disturbed with at least a couple of wake-ups most nights. He did manage to sleep from 7:30 pm to 6 am on Saturday night though which is the first time he’s made it through the night without waking up in weeks and weeks!

I mentioned last week about Toby wanting to feed himself all the time now and so this week we’ve been giving him a spoon or a fork and just letting him get on with it. And he’s doing a great job! Admittedly he’s still using his fingers more than any cutlery but he’s having a go and is even managing to get food from the plate to his mouth occasionally. He’s certainly much happier feeding himself and he seems to be eating more too (which will hopefully help with the sleeping).

Anyway, to this week’s Living Arrows pictures… Yesterday Santa (why is he Santa everywhere now by the way? What happened to Father Christmas?) arrived at our local garden centre. I won’t be taking Toby to see him this year, call me mean but I don’t see the point in spending money on it when he would have no clue what was going on! However, we were due our monthly visit for our free coffees and the theatre group I’m in were entertaining the crowds with some Christmas songs so we went along to have a look. I joined in with the singing for 10 minutes but I don’t think Toby was quite ready to make his stage debut yet (even if I had put him in his elf Slugs & Snails tights and Frugi Christmas top especially!)…

46_52 1

After our coffee and cake we had a wander round and I took a few photos of Toby in front of Santa’s grotto. It seems Frozen has taken over Christmas everywhere this year. Toby wasn’t that impressed with Olaf at first though.

46_52 2

He was more interested in reading his buggy book I think!

46_52 3


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  1. That’s a really sweet outfit, Toby looks great! I don’t think it’s mean not spending to take them to see Father Christmas at this age, I’ve not done it and don’t plan on it this year, if nothing else they might find it a bit scary.

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