Living Arrows 4/52 (2015)

It’s been another quiet week for us – Toby is relatively illness free for once, just his usual snotty nose and a cough but he doesn’t seem too bothered by them. Sleep has been OK and he even slept through again last night. Perhaps we might even dare hope we’re heading towards some more consistent better sleeping. The trouble we have though is trying to fill up our seemingly bottomless baby! When he wakes up in the night he still wants milk and will guzzle a full bottle so it’s not just like he wants the comfort. During the day he eats everything he is given at nursery, and often has seconds. He has a snack pot of Cheerios before nursery too, as well as his breakfast when he gets there… and he still comes home hungry. We’ve given him porridge when he’s got home the last few days and it does seem to be helping, so we’ll keep that up and see how it goes. Other than that if anyone has any good ideas then please do share them!

And so, to this week’s Living Arrows picture. I wouldn’t normally use such a blurry photo but Barry’s pained expression as Toby bounced up and down on his tummy did make me laugh and I just wanted to share it. I love watching these two playing together – Toby might want mummy cuddles when he wakes up in the middle of the night but daddy is definitely more fun for playing with!

4_52 15

Living Arrows

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