Living Arrows 42/52

I’m a bit late with this week’s Living Arrows post as we’re on holiday – we left home on Saturday and spent two nights in a wooden lodge in Yorkshire before driving down to Butlins in Skegness. Typically for us, just as we’re about to go on holiday Toby has been teething again – canines this time. And teething makes for a grumpy Toby who doesn’t sleep very well and who turns into a right fusspot over his food. It doesn’t always make him the most pleasant of travelling companions! Added to which he is just starting to walk and so wants to explore everywhere, especially if it’s somewhere you don’t want him to be or something he shouldn’t be playing with.

On top of that he’s really not been sleeping well at all. He sleeps OK until about 1am but then wakes up and screams every time we try and put him back in his cot. The only thing that has worked has been him sleeping with me, which means Barry has been kicked out of the big bed to go and sleep in one of the singles. I don’t really mind too much but I just hope Toby realises this is a special holiday arrangement not to be continued once we get home!

Anyway, it sounds like we’re having a terrible time but there have been some lovely moments too. When Toby is in a good mood he’s hilarious and we’re enjoying spending some time together as a family. This week’s Living Arrows photo was taken while we had our tea tonight in one of the Butlins restaurants. Toby loves to point at the moment and there’s nothing he likes more than pointing at the camera while he has his photo taken…


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