Living Arrows 41/52 (2015)

Not much to report this week… Toby is settling in well to his new nursery, apart from rather dramatic wailing on being dropped off. He’s always had a good day by the time he comes home though so I’m hoping the drop offs get a bit easier this week. He’s got a cold as well at the moment and has generally being a bit clingy. I know he’s just a bit put out because he’s not getting all of my attention any more. I try and give him as much attention as I can but juggling the two boys isn’t easy. I have no idea how people manage with three or even more kids! Toby is getting so big, and he’s so clever that I think sometimes we forget that he’s still just a baby himself really and he’s struggling to make sense of all the changes that have been going on in his life lately. Everyone always thinks he’s older than he is and you can see why in this week’s photo…he’s wearing age 3 trousers and an age 3-4 t-shirt and he was only two three months ago!

41_52 15 T

Gabe has been doing OK this week. He’s still sleeping reasonably well – he’s going to bed at the same time as Toby (about 7pm) and usually only waking up once in the night. We’ve had a few nights this week though when that one wake up has lasted two hours which isn’t the most fun! He seems to be struggling with trapped wind a lot at the moment, every feed seems to end in screaming while we fight to get a burp up. I feel so sorry for him. We are getting into something of a routine during the day now at least. He’s usually going about three hours between feeds. If we’re lucky he has a morning nap in his crib and then his other sleeps in the baby carrier on me. Having to wear him all the time isn’t ideal but at least it means I can get things done, I have both my hands free, and the carrier is honestly like magic – Gabe nearly always falls asleep within five minutes of being put in it! The other Gabe news this week is that we have finally been treated to some gorgeous smiles! I’ve not managed to catch one on camera yet though so this week’s picture is this lovely contented sleepy face instead.

41_52 15 G

Living Arrows

5 thoughts on “Living Arrows 41/52 (2015)

  1. Gorgeous pics of them. sounds like being a mum of 2’s working well. (I always used to find N was always in the size bigger, and he’s been in age 5 and some age 5-6 on top for a while now. Turns 5 in Jan)

  2. We’re having a similar week at the moment in terms of nursery drop offs – but my daughter also has a cold and being particularly clingy so hopefully it will pass soon. Awww I love Gabe’s sleepy contented face. So sweet. 🙂



  3. Well done Gabe on smiling! Hope Toby the nursery drop offs get easier soon, it’s hard on everyone when they are tough going.

  4. I can’t believe how big Toby is getting – T is tiny in comparison! hehe. Nursery will settle down once he gets into it, we had the same when A started preschool 🙁 x

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