Living Arrows 38/52 & 39/52 (2015)

Right, I’m going to take a cheat here and do two weeks of Living Arrows in one, otherwise I will be forever a week behind! Life goes on here in the Toby Goes Bananas house; Gabe is now six weeks old and things are starting to settle down slightly. For the last three nights Gabe has slept in his own crib, rather than next to me in bed, and we’ve even started putting him up to bed on his own in the evenings (with the help of Ewan the Dream Sheep who I have succumbed to buying)! I’ve also had some success in putting in his crib for a nap in the mornings too – I realised that maybe all his unsettled behaviour wasn’t hunger but tiredness and that he needed a bit of peace and quiet to be able to nap. On Saturday he napped for three hours straight. Hopefully if we can keep it up it will make my life with Toby in the mornings more enjoyable for everyone.

I love the dungarees that Gabe wearing in this picture – they’re from the Little Bird by Jools Oliver range at Mothercare. I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t fit – I bought them in the sale a while ago and the only size they had left was newborn. Gabe has already grown out of most of his newborn clothes (I think he’s going to be tall like his brother) but luckily there’s still plenty of room in these. I think this is actually the first time he has worn anything other than a sleepsuit too!

38_52 15 1

Toby is still doing great – he was poorly at the weekend, being sick twice on Saturday night which wasn’t much fun for any of us but he appears to be fully recovered now. It’s going to be another big week for him this week as he is moving to a new nursery on Thursday. This one is slightly nearer to home, and also quite dramatically cheaper than the nursery he goes to at the moment, meaning he can go for four afternoons for the same price as three afternoons at the old one. My friend’s twins go to the new nursery and they really like it, in fact the only reason Toby didn’t go there originally was because it didn’t open early enough in the morning for me to get to work on time, but now I’m not at work that doesn’t really matter. I just hope the change doesn’t unsettle him too much.

This picture of Toby was taken when he was dancing around to the music on his Fisher-Price chair. He’ll quite often stop whatever he is doing when the camera comes out but this time he was quite happy to keep performing…

38_52 15 2

Living Arrows

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  1. Oh I love the Little Bird clothing range – it’s so, so beautiful. Those dungarees are ace. 🙂

    I’m glad Gabe seems to be having a bit of a breakthrough with the sleeping by himself. Long may it continue.

    #LivingArrows xx

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