Living Arrows 37/52 (2015)

So late this week I almost missed it altogether! I haven’t had much chance to do a lot of blogging lately and even when I do get time it’s usually only on my phone as I’m stuck under a feeding or sleeping baby. I’m hoping that Gabe might start letting me put him down for naps soon and then I might get a bit of time to get stuff done!

Anyway, needs must so we’ve got a couple of iPhone snaps this week. This first one is the infamous baby who, for now, will only nap on his mama.


The second is my biggest boy playing with his new camera – he always wants to take pictures when we get the big camera out but letting a two year old play with an expensive DSLR isn’t always the best idea so I got him his own wooden one to play with, which is a bit more forgiving of being chucked on the floor!


Living Arrows

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