Living Arrows 36/52 (2015)

Another week done. This week was my first on my own with both boys as Barry went back to work on Monday. Toby is still going to nursery in the afternoons but as Barry leaves for work at 6:30 am I’ve had to get both of them up, dressed and fed on my own and then had to try and occupy Toby while feeding Gabe for half the morning. Actually, it’s been much better than I expected. I’ve been able to put Gabe in the sling for a large part of the morning most days, and Toby has been really good getting his toys and playing by himself if I’m busy with Gabe. There has been rather more CBeebies than is probably healthy but for now I’m not too worried about that!

Yesterday Barry had the day off work (so I only actually had to do four days on my own) and we all went to Glasgow to see In The Night Garden Live. It was brilliant! Toby loved it, shouting and cheering when his favourite characters came on and clapping and dancing to all the songs. I think Barry and I enjoyed it as much as Toby did too. Gabe slept through most of it only waking up towards the end and I managed to feed him sat on the floor in the auditorium. I think I’m getting the hang of this breastfeeding business!

After the show we had paid the extra £15 to meet Iggle Piggle (expensive, but irresistible) – Toby was a bit shy but he did give Piggle (as he calls him) a cuddle and then we all had our picture taken together. So, although this is just an iPhone picture of the the photo we got I couldn’t not use it as this week’s Living Arrows picture…

36_52 15


Living Arrows

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