Living Arrows 35/52 (2017)

After the excitement of Gabe’s birthday last week, and our BBQ at the weekend we had a fairly quiet week this week, apart from a trip down to north Wales to see our friends on Friday.

This week though has been somewhat fraught as Gabe seems to have decided he doesn’t need to nap any more and we’ve had three days with no nap at all, a fight to nap on one of the other days, and a very late car nap, leading to a 9 pm bedtime!

Not only has be been refusing naps but he’s also been hating bedtime and there’s been a lot of screaming and crying going on. As I mentioned in his two year update, this has also coincided with one of his last four molars coming through so I’m pretty sure it’s all related. We’ll just have to wait until the teething is over to see what the new status quo is I guess.

I usually have two separate photos of Toby and Gabe for my Living Arrows post but I just haven’t taken any this week. We were taking our pictures yesterday for our August Me & Mine post and we took a few of just the boys at the end… so this is one of those.

Toby and Gabe on the garden bench

Living Arrows

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