Living Arrows 34/52 (2017)

This week has been all about Gabe’s birthday. On the day itself we had a relatively quiet day – my mum came round in the afternoon and we popped out to the garden centre for ice cream. At only two I’m not quite sure that Gabe really knew what was going on but he seemed happy to have some presents to open and a balloon to play with!

Gabe getting ready to open one of his birthday presents

On Saturday we had a BBQ for both boys’ birthdays. It was mostly family and a few friends, and actually we did it at my parent’s house because there garden is way better for socialising and for the boys to play. Toby had a great time running around with his friends Thomas and Eddie, who I’ve mentioned quite a few times before on here – they’re my friend Claire’s twins. And with plenty of other adults there I didn’t have to do too much child-wrangling either so I think we all had a good day…

Toby at his birthday BBQ

I’ll write a proper post about Gabe’s birthday and the party soon – and you can have a look at my latest birthday cake creation too!

Living Arrows

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  1. Glad the birthday bbq went well – there’s something so lovely about those days where you can celebrate and kids can run wild isn’t there? I love the exhaustion after as well… a real contentedness! #livingarrows

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