Living Arrows 32/52 (2017)

I can’t really think what we did last week – the weather was pretty awful so we did quite a lot of staying at home and playing with trains! My mum and dad came back from their holidays so we went to see them on Friday and the boys got a load of freebies that they had picked up when they were watching the Tour de France. Toby also got a little booklet that I think had come free with National Geographic – it’s about surviving in the rainforest but it’s all LEGO characters and pictures. And he’s obsessed with it! He’s not stopped ‘reading’ it since he got it.

When it comes to building though we are still all about the DUPLO in our house – Toby has some brilliant ideas but then quite often will tell me or daddy to make it for him. But then he tells us off for doing it wrong – he has to give us the ‘constructions’! The other day he tasked me with building a robot – and actually just let me get on with this one…mostly. I was quite proud of my creation!

Toby and his DUPLO robot

On Saturday we actually got up and managed to leave the house before 10 am. We went to Brockholes which is a nature reserve not far from where we live. We went for a little walk around one of the paths where there were wooden figures of the Wind in the Willows characters along the way. We didn’t walk very far but it was the first time Gabe had really walked any distance – usually he’s in the buggy or carrier.

Gabe at Brockholes

After our walk the boys explored the play area for a bit before we had a lovely ice cream…and we managed to do all that and still come home in time for lunch! Days out are a bit tricky at the moment – Gabe usually has a nap after lunch at home, but he won’t nap when we’re out so ends up falling asleep in the car on the way home (and often Toby does too) and then we end up with a 10pm bedtime. Sometimes we just do it and accept the late night, but Saturday just shows we can manage to go out just for the morning if we want to. To be honest though I’ll be quite glad when Gabe doesn’t need a nap any more and our days aren’t so ruled by them.

Living Arrows

8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 32/52 (2017)

  1. I love your robot creation, we have a little builder in our house too. We have duplo at the moment but will no doubt move on to lego soon. Brockholes is lovely isn’t it, so peaceful to visit. It sounds like you had a lovely time x #LivingArrows

  2. Toby looks thrilled there! Well done, Mummy! That National Geographic booklet sounds brilliant too, I think my partner would be chuffed with that and he is 34! Must try and find out! #livingarrows

  3. Oh my goodness Wind in the Willows statues – I need to visit these! Although it’s a bit far from where we live so maybe one day when we’re up north visiting our friend #LivingArrows

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