Living Arrows 29/52

I feel like I’ve gone rather quiet on the blogging front lately. I just seem to have lost my mojo a little bit so I’m just giving it a bit of a rest until I get my inspiration back. Nothing sinister, I’m just not feeling the blog love at the minute. I couldn’t miss a Living Arrows post though!

This week has been all about teething and it’s been pretty horrendous. Toby has been refusing to nap, taking hours to settle at night and generally just being grumpy and crying most of the time. I really wish we could do more for him but apart from dosing him up with Calpol and Nurofen there doesn’t seem to be much else we can do. He won’t let me put a finger in his mouth to apply teething gel, he doesn’t want cuddles but he doesn’t like being put down either. We have had to resort to a few long buggy walks and even a drive in the car to get him to calm down and have a nap. He does seem to have been a bit better the last few days so hopefully he (and we!) might get some respite for a little while.

I don’t think the heat has been helping either, although we’ve not had it quite as hot as those of you down south. In an effort to distract Toby from his teeth, and cool him down, I got the paddling pool out that we had bought for Toby’s birthday. He wasn’t sure about it at first and he actually got chilly quite quickly, even with warm water, but I think he enjoyed it – especially when I got the bubble machine out too.



living arrows

8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 29/52

  1. Lovely photo! Although the way he’s kitted out does make me laugh. We put M in a similar sort of get-up when we went to the outdoor pool at the weekend, and the Italians just do not understand. All their kids are butt-naked and super-bronzed, and meanwhile there’s me chasing M with sunscreen! Hope Toby gets over the teething soon, it’s just awful isn’t it x

  2. Oh I love the bubbles – he looks very taken with them – and bubbles and paddling pool is pretty much toddler heaven! I hope his teeth give him some peace soon – would he try Teetha granules? Elma has found them to be pretty much the only thing that gave her peace and she’ll still come running open mouthed if she sees me with a sachet!

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