Living Arrows 24/52 (2015)

Not very much to tell this week, we’re still just plodding on. I’m counting down the days until I finish work – only 5 work days to go!

After my confident statement last week about Toby’s sleep being much improved we’ve had a bit of a set back again this week. He has still slept through most nights (there was one night where he was awake at 2 am for about an hour) but he is back to taking an hour to settle down and go to sleep. And I’ve been having to sit on the floor in his room until he drops off otherwise he just screams and screams. This may well be because we have stopped giving him his bedtime bottle but as long as he is still sleeping all night we’re going to try and stick with it and hope he gets used to the idea quickly!

This week’s photo is just one I took at home. Toby loves sitting up at our dining table and was playing with his Duplo while I got the tea ready. He still likes his hats too – especially this one of mine which I think he looks super cute in…


Living Arrows

One thought on “Living Arrows 24/52 (2015)

  1. This is a super cute hat! I hope the sleeping works out soon, it’s oh so hard isn’t it?! #LivingArrows

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