Living Arrows 23/52 (2015)

I’m super late with this week’s Living Arrows again – it seems to be happening more often than not these days! I still haven’t missed one this year though, so I’m still winning as far as I’m concerned!

Although I’ve been having a rubbish time work-wise for the last week we did have a lovely weekend last weekend. My parents were up visiting (mostly because I’d roped my mum into helping me do a second-hand baby market with me) and they took the opportunity to try out their new caravan on a campsite in Callander which is about an hour away from where we live. We went out to see them on Sunday morning and Toby loved running around with his ball and looking at all the sheep with my dad. He loves balls at the moment – whenever he sees on he always says ‘a ball’. He’s not that bothered about playing, although he is pretty good at throwing and kicking, he mostly just likes to carry it around!

I don’t think Toby has seen a sheep in real life since he was about 10 months old but he knew what they were as soon as he saw them, and immediately started pointing and saying ‘sheeps!’ He’s learnt so many new words lately, in just the last week we’ve had bus, outside, garden, nappy, dirty, zip, burst, oh and Giggle for Iggle Piggle and Kaka for Makka Pakka on In The Night Garden, and probably some others too! He’s not putting words together much yet  – we do get ‘in there’ and ‘on there’ and he has said ‘where daddy?’ before too. I’m sure it won’t be long though before he starts properly talking and we can have a proper conversation with him (well, as much of a conversation as you can have with an almost two year old anyway).

In another breakthrough, despite another cold, Toby has slept all night all this week! He was up early last Sunday and then I think he woke once on Sunday or Monday night but every other night he has slept from about 7pm right through to the next morning. All his teeth are through now so I’m sure that’s helped but I really hope we’ve turned a corner and we’re all going to get a lot more sleep from now on!

I’ve got a few photos I wanted to share this week. This first one was taken at home while I was out at the market on Saturday morning, just look at that grin!

23_52 1

The next one was on Sunday, running around with his ball…

23_52 2

And lastly showing his grandad the plants (and momentarily giving up his ball!)

23_52 3


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