Living Arrows 19/52

Another week and another Living Arrows picture. This picture just about sums up this week – Toby is teething (again!), more bottom teeth this time and they are really giving him some trouble. It’s been a pretty grumpy week, without many smiles and with everything in sight finding it’s way into Toby’s mouth. I can almost see the top of one tooth now so hopefully they’ll cut the gum in the next few days and we can all go back to getting a decent night’s sleep and have a happy baby again!


living arrows

5 thoughts on “Living Arrows 19/52

  1. Eugh, teething!! We have two snotty babies because of the dreaded teething, I’ll be glad when they both have all their teeth!! Gorgeous photo as always x

  2. Gorgeous colours, I remember teething all to well it’s a nightmare only saving grace is they look so cute with their little teeth popping through. Hope it comes through soon and I love the nappy;) #livingarrows

  3. I just clicked on this post from being on your most recent living arrows post and it’s crazy how much he’s grown up since this post in May! It’s a shame to read in both posts his teeth have been bothering him 🙁

    Ps I love the colour striped tops in both photos!

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