Living Arrows 19/52 (2017)

We enjoyed another bank holiday weekend last week – in his old job Barry didn’t have to take bank holidays off so would often work them to save the annual leave for other times but now he has to take them and it’s actually quite nice to be forced to have some extra family time!

Last Saturday we went to the SEA LIFE Blackpool and had a lovely time seeing all the fish and other creatures. We had a day at home on Sunday with a visit from my in-laws and so on Monday we were all in need of some fresh air and time out of the house.

We drove over to the next village – it’s very picturesque with a village green that has a duck pond and a cricket pitch. We actually put an offer on a house there when we were moving but someone beat us to it! Anyway, just because we don’t live there doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it, although this was the first time we’d actually been there.

Gabe watching the ducks with daddy

We took some birdseed for the ducks and a couple of new outdoor toys that Nana had brought for the boys and off we went. We didn’t stay very long really but we had a lovely time and there was plenty of space for Toby and Gabe to run around without one of us having to constantly chase after them, well Gabe anyway.

Toby throwing his new toy on the village green

I love this picture of Toby (although I can take no credit for taking it – it was Barry). He is getting better at throwing and catching but things can still pretty much end up anywhere if Toby is throwing them!

Yesterday we went for a walk in the woods, found some bluebells and played in a river….but I’m going to save those pictures for another day!


Living Arrows

17 thoughts on “Living Arrows 19/52 (2017)

  1. I love it when there’s plenty of space for them to just explore… makes parenting so much easier!! Gorgeous photos, love the one of Toby in particular! #livingarrows

  2. How fantastic is that picture of Toby, a proper action shot! Sounds like a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. I never used to get them either, but we really make the most of them now xx

  3. That picture of Toby is brilliant! I’ve been so tempted by the sealife centre for a while, so you’ve given me the positive review I needed to take my little one!

  4. LOL. We have the same issue with throwing things (or hitting them in tennis). But they love it don’t they, as your photo shows. #livingarrows

  5. It sounds like you had such a nice time. Blackpool is on my list of places to visit at some point and it always sounds like there is so much around there for children to do. LOVE that photo of Toby! His hair is amazing x

  6. Haha I’m 32 and things still go everywhere but in my hands when I’m trying to catch something 😀 He looks like he’s having an absolute blast x #LivingArrows

  7. Sounds like a brilliant way to spend a weekend – we love the extra bank holiday to spend together. That photo of Toby is brilliant! #LivingArrows

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