Living Arrows 19/52 (2015)

It’s only been a few days since my last Living Arrows post but I thought I’d try (again!) to get back on track. This weekend we bought a new pushchair which was very exciting. Well, exciting for me at least…It’s an Uppababy Vista that can be used as a single or a tandem so we can start using it with Toby straight away but then we’re also all set for when the little one arrives in August. We then had a trip to the park and the farmer’s market. We took Toby’s Smart Trike to the park – we bought it for his birthday last year but if I’m honest he hasn’t really had much use of it so far. He was definitely enjoying it on Saturday too. We did have two tantrums on Saturday though – it seems if we try and get Toby to go somewhere he doesn’t want to go, or to leave somewhere before he’s ready then he’ll have a complete meltdown. The first one was when we were trying to leave the pram shop, they had a few toys on a little table by the till that Toby had been playing with so when it was time to leave he just started wailing and we had to manhandle him into the car, where he screamed all the way to the park, and then stopped as soon as we got there! It was a similar story when it came time to leave the park. I guess these toddler tantrums are just par for the course…better get used to them!

On Sunday it was chucking it down so we decided to try out one of the soft play places near us. I have a theory that if Toby doesn’t get out and burn off some energy during the day on Sunday then it can be one of the things that contributes to the multiple wake ups we often get on a Sunday night. Believe it or not we’ve only ever taken Toby to soft play once before and that was a while ago now so I was looking forward to seeing how he got on. The place we went was massive but it did have a dedicated small area for under 4s and Toby loved it! I did go in with him for a bit but mostly I just let his Dad chase round after him for an hour – I think he was more exhausted than Toby was! Anyway, he only woke up once on Sunday night so maybe it did help wear him out a bit.

I snapped this week’s Living Arrows picture on my iPhone but I really like it. You can certainly see how much fun Toby was having…

19_52 15

Living Arrows

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  1. That is stunning with the light breaking through, I adore it, very Baz Luhrman – esque. Great capture #livingarrows

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