Living Arrows 18/52

Toby is such a whirlwind these days – he always wants to be on the move, especially now he’s perfected his crawling technique! He seems to hone in on the most dangerous thing in a room; cables, plug sockets and fireplaces being favourites so far, and immediately make a beeline for it. He can now almost sit himself up from being on his tummy and in this week’s Living Arrows shot I managed to capture him in a rare still moment catching a breath. He was probably just scoping out his next target! Lord only knows what he’s going to be like once he starts walking…


living arrows

7 thoughts on “Living Arrows 18/52

  1. He is adorable ! Love those eyes and so cute that he is on the move trying to explore 🙂 their first taste of freedom 🙂 xx

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