Living Arrows 18/52 (2015)

Another quiet week for us here – with us both working full time there isn’t really a lot of time to do much else. We do usually try and go somewhere at the weekends but sometimes we just need a quiet weekend at home. The weather was pretty rubbish this weekend too so we didn’t even manage to fit in a trip to the park.

Toby has been a superstar this last couple of weeks though. He has really struggled with most of his teeth, being very grumpy and with lots of disturbed nights. In the last few weeks though all four of his back molars have started to make an appearance. One is almost fully erupted and the other three have all got at least one corner through. And not only has he hardly been grumping at all, he has slept through almost every night, and he’s gone back to going to sleep by himself instead of screaming unless one of us sits with him until he is asleep. We did have a bad night on Sunday night but I swear that’s just because he knows it’s Sunday and we have to get up for work the next day! After my concerns a just few weeks ago that we were going to have to change something to get Toby to settle and sleep again, perhaps drop his nap or move him to a bed, we haven’t changed anything at all and he’s just sorted it out himself. Sometimes, there’s no fathoming toddlers!

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Living Arrows

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