Living Arrows 17/52 (2017)

After last Monday’s visit to the Gruffalo trail at Grizedale forest the rest of the week was back to normal with nursery for the boys and time to catch up on some housework for me.

On Friday we went to our local forest playgroup for the first time. Toby really enjoyed learning all about bees and doing some bee related crafts. And Gabe enjoyed most of the session in the carrier on my back, which saved me spending the whole time chasing him around! We’ll definitely be back again soon.

The weekend saw a trip to the park, pizza for tea (we even went out for it!), and a visit to soft play as one of Toby’s reward chart treats. Toby and Barry also planted some seeds and put them out on our balcony, hopefully they’ll grow and we’ll have some lovely flowers soon.

I took this week’s Living Arrows photos out in the garden yesterday afternoon while the seed planting was going on…

Toby in the garden with the sun in his hair
Toby has been a little superstar lately (most of the time at least). We had an incident last week when we tried to go to a stay and play session at a local gymnastics club but the prices had gone up and I didn’t know. I was 70p short and they wouldn’t let us in, even though there was only 45 minutes of the two hour session left. I was quite upset because it had been quite an effort to get us all out of the door and in the car in the first place. Toby could have really kicked off about not being able to go in but he was so lovely and dealt with it so well. This little boy really makes me proud.

Gabe enjoying a bit of fresh air in the garden

And Gabe has been equal parts hilarious, adorable and infuriating this week. His sleep has been all over the place again, and he seems to have spent quite a lot of time crying about nothing in particular. But he has also been learning lots of new words this week (we’ve had cat, hat, apple and duck to name a few). When he’s not using actual words he still keeps babbling away and doing that thing where he just talks nonsense but looks at you like you should be understanding every word he says!

Anyway, here’s hoping we have a better week sleep-wise and some more nice weather so we can get out and about again.

Living Arrows

4 thoughts on “Living Arrows 17/52 (2017)

  1. The weather down here has been pretty rotten this week, it doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going! I’m hoping the sleep has improved for you this week too x

  2. You must’ve been so proud of Toby for not getting upset about not being able to go to the play session, it’s lovely when they surprise us like that isn’t it, suddenly seeming quite grown up! And it sounds like Gabe’s having a bit of a developmental leap, they always mess with their sleep, hope it settles down soon! x #LivingArrows

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