Living Arrows 16/52

It’s been lovely weather for the last few days up here in Scotland. Barry’s managed to make a great start at getting the garden back under control and so today we decided to put a plastic sheet out on the lawn and have ourselves a little picnic. Toby’s never had a chance to crawl around outside before so after a liberal application of suncream we let him out for a wriggle. He was a little wary at first but then immediately made a beeline for anything we didn’t want him to play with (including the bubble machine – a Christmas present which only made it out of the box today).

I’m loving this age with Toby. He’s such fun to play with – he loves being swung and bounced around and it’s lovely watching him exploring all the new things around him.



16_52 3


16_52 2


living arrows

3 thoughts on “Living Arrows 16/52

  1. He’s so cute, love his little hat! You’re right, it’s a really great age! To me 7m+ is amazing, it’s not as hard, they’re happier more and playing more and they really start to learn and explore x

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