Living Arrows 14/52 (2015)

Last week was the last week of term and I was definitely ready for breaking up on Thursday afternoon. My parents then came up to visit for the weekend and we had a busy few days including an IKEA trip, a visit to the farm and a walk in the woods. After an initial bit of shyness Toby really enjoyed spending time with his Grandma and Grandad, and I think my Dad enjoyed it a lot more this visit, now that Toby can play and interact a lot more. It was nice for Toby to have a few days off nursery too and we all enjoyed some time together as a family.

On Saturday we went to a local fruit farm. There were some animals too so we got to see some lambs, piglets and chicks but I think Toby’s favourite part was sitting on the tractor in the play area!

14_52 15

Living Arrows

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