Living Arrows 13/52 (2017)

Another week done, and not a huge amount achieved. Sometimes it feels like we never really do anything but then maybe we don’t really need to. The boys have both got colds at the moment. They managed their two days at nursery but the rest of the week has mostly been spent at home, and I have been wiping noses every five minutes!

This weekend though it was my dad’s birthday so we went out for a meal. Eating out is a bit tricky at the moment. It has to be early enough for the boys to not be too hungry or too tired…and we don’t always get it quite right. Gabe huge fan of sitting in a highchair unless there’s food in front of him, and even then he’s not always that keen!

We coped, just about, with a few walks around while we were waiting for our food, but I can’t say I’m not looking forward to the day we can go out for a more peaceful meal.

Toby was mostly well behaved at least but he was getting a bit restless when we were waiting for our food. This is a pretty standard face from him these days though…

Toby waiting for his meal while we out for grandad's birthday

I’m not often in the picture for Living Arrows but I liked this one (apart from my super-tired eyes!) so I thought I’d include it. This was taken just before we went into the pub for our meal. I’m doing some car seat reviews for a baby magazine and they need a photo of me and Gabe. I didn’t have a recent one so got Barry to take this one…

Me and Gabe ready to out for grandad's birthday meal


Living Arrows


11 thoughts on “Living Arrows 13/52 (2017)

  1. Aww great photos!
    Meal times out with kids have to be timed right plus lots of stuff to keep them entertained whilst you wait. When it works it is a lovely experience but if not it can be so stressful!
    Have a good week! x

  2. We’ve always been pretty lucky with meals out – mainly because Monkey loves food! Toby looks pretty excited to be there though.
    Lovely picture of you and Gabe. Us mum’s don’t get in the picture enough #livingarrows

  3. That’s a lovely photo of you. Thankfully N gets so excited about eating out it’s never been too much hassle. It’s much harder with 2 I think #livingarrows

  4. That photo of you and Gabe is bloomin’ gorgeous!! Really, really lovely! I remember meal times being hell when we ate out. Thankfully A and T are now, most of the time, amazing in restaurants. Give it a year and hopefully things will improve! x

  5. It’s a lovely photo of you both, I’ve desperately tried to be in photos with J on holiday this year as there’s so few of us. It’s always tricky when eating out with toddlers – ours often loudly announces she needs to use the bathroom followed by what bodily function she needs to do! #LivingArrows

  6. That is such a lovely photo of your and your littlest. I didn’t spot any tired eyes at all. I think you look fantastic. I am also looking forward to a peaceful meal one day too! It can feel like a marathon sometimes…but then be so easy other times! #LivingArrows

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