Living Arrows 10/52 (2015)

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It’s been a pretty good, if quiet, week again this week. Toby’s sleep hasn’t been too bad – apart from Tuesday night when we ended up bringing him in bed with us but he seemed to think it was time for a party at 3am! On Saturday night though he actually slept the entire night without us having to go into him. A good night usually still involves at least one wake up so to have none at all really is a treat.

I did have a bit of a meltdown at work on Thursday. I have a few classes where no matter what I do, and what tactics I try, behaviour is a real issue. After weeks and weeks of battling with one class I had finally had enough. It was at the end of a very busy two days, my colleague had been off meaning I had to sort out all the work for her classes as well as my own. I had a parents’ evening coming up that night so I knew I wasn’t going to get home to see Toby before he went to bed, and so, when 15 minutes into the lesson the kids were still shouting and interrupting and not listening to a single word I said, I walked out and called for support. I have been saying for weeks that I need help with this class so hopefully something will happen now. Having a pregnant teacher walking out of a class in tears isn’t really what the senior management team are aiming for!

That incident aside though it has been a pretty good week. Toby has been hilarious at times this week. He is learning more words every day – ‘oh dear’ is a new favourite as well as ‘gone’, usually when he has thrown something else behind the telly and he wants us to get it back! And then yesterday when he was throwing a ball around the living room he started staying ‘ready, steady, go’! It’s too cute!

Yesterday we took his SmarTrike to the big park in town. We bought the trike for Toby’s first birthday but unfortunately he’s not had much use out of it yet. Because all the pavements round our house slope down towards the pavement it makes it almost impossible to steer and stop it tipping over so we can only really use it if we take it somewhere flat in the car. The big park is perfect so hopefully we’ll take it up there a bit more as the weather gets better and he’ll get to use it a bit more. Toby also enjoyed a run around – I think having so much space was a bit of a novelty. My boy is definitely an adventurer though, it had no problems just running off and wasn’t bothered about where we were at all. Although I’m always saying how big he is (and he is!) I think he looks tiny off in the distance with the big trees in this picture.

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He had lots of fun splashing in the puddles in his new wellies too!

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3 thoughts on “Living Arrows 10/52 (2015)

  1. Yay for Toby and the sleep – it feels amazing to have a full night’s sleep when you’re not used to it doesn’t it! And these are gorgeous photos, so lovely to be out and about in the sunshine!

  2. Ahh lovely photos and glad it’s been a quiet week for you. Sometimes those are the best. Looks like you got out in the sunshine to enjoy the most of it. Beautiful. #livingarrows

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