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Despite the odd unseasonably warm days we keep having, I think we can all admit that Autumn (or Fall if you’re that way inclined) is well and truly upon us. And as we head into October and the nights are getting darker what better to add a bit of sparkle than some glitter?

Autumn to me means walks in the woods, and with two little boys we always come home with lots of leaves, sticks and pine cones. Often they just end up sitting on a shelf (or added to our ever growing ‘stick collection’) so I decided I would do something a bit more interesting with them.

Autumn leaf and pine cone glitter crafts with Bostik

Glitter leaves and pine cones


Starting with the leaves I added lines of glue. Bostik White Glu is perfect for this as it comes in an easy dispense bottle.

Using Bostik PVA to make patterns on leaves

Next comes the fun part – sprinkle your glitter all over the glue. I used Bio Glitter as I’m always trying to reduce my use of plastic. I had never tried bio glitter before – it’s a bit chunkier than standard glitter but I think it worked really well for this craft. I used an old tray for this part to try and avoid having glitter everywhere!

Sprinkle glitter over the glue on the leaves

After tipping off the excess glitter put the leaves to one side to dry.

Set the glitter leaves aside to dry

For the pine cones I used Bostik Blu Stick. The fab thing about Blu Stick is that it goes on blue (but dries clear) so you can see exactly where you’ve put the glue and where you still need to do.

Use Bostik Blu Stick on the tips of the pine cone

Again, sprinkle the glitter all over the pine cones. I used orange (which is actually more copper) and gold Bio Glitter – perfect colours for Autumn. When you’ve covered all the glue make sure you give the pine cone a good shake to make sure you’ve got all the excess glitter off.

Glitter pine cone and autumn leaf hanging decoration

I used some of the leaves and pine cones to make an autumn hanging decoration. I used different lengths of simple white cotton to tie them onto a stick. I then used some garden twine to make a hanger at the top.

Autumn leaf and pine cone glitter decoration hanging in the window

This autumn craft was super simple but I think it looks really effective, and the sparkle definitely cheers up our window.

Glitter autumn fall pine cone craft

Pine cone and fairy light autumn table decoration

I used the rest of the pine cones to make a table centre piece decoration (although currently it is on our windowsill because my boys can’t be trusted to knock things over on the table!)

I simply used some battery powered fairy lights like these and popped them in a vase with the glittery pine cones.

Pine cone and fairy light centre piece

So there you go – two simple autumn pine cone and leaf glitter crafts! If you enjoyed this and would like to try it yourself then why not pin it for later?

**Disclosure: I received the featured Bostik products and was compensated for my time in exchange for creating this post.

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