DIY Personalised Christmas Baubles with Bostik

Every year we like to get one or two new decorations for the Christmas tree, and this year I decided to make some personalised baubles using some Bostik products that we had been sent. These baubles are quick and easy to make and you can personalise them however you wish.

Personalised baubles on the tree


Easy personalised baubles with Bostik

To make these baubles you will need the following:

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Prepare the Tissue Paper

Cut the tissue paper into strips

The first thing you need to do is cut your tissue paper into strips – mine were about 10 cm long and 1 cm wide but they don’t need to be exact.

Apply Bostik PVA Glue

Cover bauble with Bostik PVA

Next you need to cover your bauble with Bostik PVA Glue. I found it easiest to squeeze the glue from the bottle directly on to the bauble then spread it out with the paintbrush.

Cover the Bauble with Tissue Paper

Cover bauble with tissue paper strips

This is where it can get a bit messy! You need to cover the whole bauble with tissue paper strips. Just layer them on and smooth down, adding more glue as needed. It doesn’t matter if the glue is over the top of the tissue paper as it dries clear anyway.

Once the baubles are covered with tissue paper you’ll need to leave them to dry for a couple of hours. I hung them from a hook on our notice board so they weren’t touching anything.

Personalise Your Baubles

Write a name with Bostik Glitter Glue

When the PVA is dry, use the Bostik Glitter Glue pens to write a name of your choice on the bauble. I found the Glitter Glue pens really easy to write with, just make sure you are careful not to touch the writing until is is completely dry as it can lift off the bauble.

Gabe's bauble

You will need to leave the Glitter Glue to dry for an hour or two before the baubles are ready to hang on your tree.

Personalised baubles on the tree

So that’s it – easy DIY Personalised Christmas Baubles! Have you been doing any Christmas crafts this year? You can check out our Easy Christmas Card Craft for Kids here.

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Disclosure: We were provided with craft materials and Bostik products in exchange for this post.

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