My Wild Ones // Growing confidence

At home Toby has always loved climbing all over the furniture, and us! Whenever we were at the park or soft play though he seemed to lose some of that confidence and would only try things with one of us holding him, or sometimes not all.

In the last few weeks though he seems to have suddenly grown in confidence. He is trying things he wouldn’t go near a month ago and what’s more he’s really enjoying it.

Last weekend at the park he climbed up one of those cargo nets for the first time. I could see his legs shaking but he held on and made it to the top. He was so pleased with himself too.

Toddler climbing a cargo net at the park for the first time

And then he was happy to spin round and round on the roundabout until he got dizzy!

Toby going round and round on the roundabout

Yesterday we went to soft play and although Toby is usually OK once he gets going whenever we’ve gone before he’s needed one of us to go in with him. Not today though. It was pretty quiet and I think that helped, and of course being a school day there weren’t any big kids about but he ran off into the pre-school section without a backwards glance! He kept coming back to report what he’d done – ‘I went on the blue slide mummy’, ‘I went through the tunnel mummy’ which was very sweet but I didn’t have to go in with him at all.

And then he decided he wanted to go into the over 4s section. There were a few bigger kids in there but there can’t have been anyone over 5. I went in with him the first time just so he could find his way around and I could make sure he didn’t get stuck! He was walking over nets and bridges which he’s never done without a lot of encouragement before. He went down a spiral slide which I’ve never been able to convince him to do before.

Toby exploring the big kids soft play

And he went down the massive slide all by himself too. Usually I have to come down on the other slide with him on this kind of slide and he’s never been on one this big before. Look how much fun he’s having though!

So much confidence flying down the big slide at soft play

I’m sure over the coming weeks and months we are just going to see Toby’s confidence growing and growing. My big little boy is growing up!


9 thoughts on “My Wild Ones // Growing confidence

  1. Hurrah for Toby! It’s so interesting to watch them change, isn’t it. We’ve seen M’s confidence increase quite suddenly in the last few weeks and it’s such a joy. For him, of course, because he’s a lot happier with it but also for me as I now get to have a little sit down on a park bench rather than be dragged up and down the slides!

  2. I wish my !little boy was that cautious he loves anytung that is big and scary. It must be nice to actually get a chance to have a snack and relax whilst he plays.

  3. Well done wee one! This is something I was going to post about with M (and still will as half written lol). It is amazing how their confidence can suddenly just increase in leaps and bounds. He certainly looks like is had fun! #MyWildOnes

  4. Go Toby!!
    Isn’t it lovely when their confidence starts to shine out.
    My youngest was a lot like that.

    It looks like he had a great time.

  5. Bless him, the huge smile on his face shows just how much fun he was having. It must be lovely when they get that confidence, Luca still needs me with him wherever he goes, he just doesn’t like being on his own. #mywildones

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