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This week’s What Toby & Gabe wore features two awesome tees from The Bunting Tree. The boys have had these since Christmas but I’ve only just got round to taking some pictures of them both in them. In fact they did appear in a Siblings post back in January but only in one picture (and how much have the boys grown in the last six months?!)

Toby playing DJ with my phone

The Bunting Tree is owned and run by Emma, a mum of two who started making organic clothing to help her son’s eczema. When she first started Emma made the clothes herself, Toby actually had some of her leggings a few years ago (which Gabe is now wearing). She has now moved on to designing fabric and out sourcing the manufacturing but the clothes are still made from organic fabric and ethically produced in India.

We had a quiet day at home yesterday but after Gabe woke up from his nap I decided we could probably do with burning off some energy. So we put some music on my phone (Toby loves 6 Day Riot – if you’ve never heard of them check them out, they’re ace) and had a good dance round the living room.

Toby's happy musical statues face

Well, Toby and I did. Gabe wasn’t too impressed with the idea unless I was carrying him. This is his ‘carry me’ zombie impression, which we’ve been seeing quite a lot of lately…

Gabe's zombie impression

He was definitely happier in my arms, and how amazing is this British Summer print? The fabric is quite thick, and so soft. I think they must be super comfy to wear.

The Bunting Tree British Summer print

Toby was still just dancing around like a crazy person. It will be a sad day if he ever wants his hair cut short…

Toby's crazy dancing hair

Toby's even crazier hair

Gabe then stopped moaning for long enough to have a little go on the rocking horse…

Gabe on the rocking horse

And he even managed a little dance in the end.

Gabe dancing in his Bunting Tree tee

The print Toby is wearing is called Brollies & Blizzards – he loves the purple trim because it’s his favourite colour.

The Bunting Tree Brollies & Blizzards print

For some reason his dancing also involved showing me his bum! These corduroy trousers are by Little Bird from Mothercare – I bought them in an outlet when Toby was about 18 months and it was probably another 18 months before they fit him! I do love them though.

Toby showing off his Little Bird bottom

And after all the dancing was done, Gabe got his serious face back on…

Gabe being serious

And Toby was just exhausted!

Toby tired after dancing

These fab tees are available in long or short sleeve and you can get them direct from The Bunting Tree or also from my lovely friend Hannah at Apples & Pips. Currently these are the only two designs available but I’m sure I’ve seen a sneaky peak of a new star print and it looked awesome. I’ll definitely be first in the queue when that one comes out!


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  1. Such fun photos Sarah 🙂 Emma is so talented isn’t she? I can never quite decide which print is my favourite – every time I decide, I change my mind again!

    Thanks for linking up to #ALivelyStyle xx

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