Being a blogger . . .

I was tagged by my blogging pal Donna at What the Redhead Said in this tag about being a blogger. It’s actually quite tricky to think about what being a blogger means to me but I’ll give it a go…

Being a blogger is creating a record of my life.

Being a blogger is having lots of ideas but not having the time to write about them!

Being a blogger has given me the opportunity to try out lots of fabulous products that I would never have had chance to otherwise.

Being a blogger is something I have been doing for over 6 years! I don’t update my old pre-baby blog any more but you can find it at We Must Be Bold if you ever fancy reading some of my old ramblings!

Being a blogger is something I really enjoy…but always feel I should be putting more effort into.

Being a blogger has given me lots of new friends.

Being a blogger is being part of a community, albeit one that I feel I am sometimes only on the edge of.

Being a blogger is something I hope I keep doing for many years to come.

What does being a blogger mean to you Hannah, Emma and Debs?

Being a blogger

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