Afternoon bath time fun with Cuddledry

We haven’t bathed the boys every day since Toby was a baby and we discovered that it dried his skin too much. For a long time now they have only had a bath once or twice a week. We used to do baths before bed but they seemed to take so long and since Toby has started school and Gabe stopped napping they are both so tired by bedtime that baths were just ending up making everyone grumpy. So for the last few months we’ve had a new routine – weekend afternoon bath time fun!

Afternoon bath time fun

We’ve had our fair share of bath issues – for about a year Toby wouldn’t sit down! But for the last year or so we’ve been bathing the boys together and they both love it. They have loads of toys, but mostly they both like pouring water from cups and bowls. Playing in the bath is usually the only time they are almost guaranteed not to fight with each other.

Happy Gabe in the bath

And of course it wouldn’t be bath time without bubbles – we have a bubble machine that is fab, although it’s really loud so they only have it for as long as we can put up with the noise!

Gabe enjoying bathtime bubbles

Having a bath in the afternoon means that no-one is tired, there’s no rush and Toby and Gabe can play for as long as they want (or until they get freaked out by their fingers going all prune-y!).

Toby smiling in the bath

There is one part of the bath that neither of them are keen on and that is getting their hair washed. Toby has been trained to put up with it now but Gabe still shouts and screams every single time. Of course we have to do it though so we just get it over with as quickly as we can, and then get him out and dried.

We’ve recently been sent something that makes the getting out and dried part much more appealing though… Regular readers will probably have seen me mention before that Toby and Gabe are both obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment. So when Cuddledry sent Gabe a new super-soft Cuddleroar toddler towel I thought we would have a fight on our hands but thankfully they have been happy to share.

Toby and Gabe in their Cuddledry towels

I think it helps that Toby already has a fab Cuddlemoo towel that he’s been using for the last couple of years. You can probably see from these pictures though that he’s getting a bit big for it now – we might have to upgrade him to a bigger Snuggle Monkey towel soon!

We love Cuddledry towels in our house – in fact we have one of the original baby apron towels that we’ve used since Toby was a baby. They are just so soft, and the boys love having towels that belong just to them.

Gabe’s fab new towel didn’t stop him trying to escape the bathroom before he was dry though!

My little dinosaur trying to escape from the bathroom

It’s a good job he’s cute!

Gabe in his Cuddleroar towel

I would totally recommend Cuddledry towels – I think the Cuddleroar (or one of the other lovely designs) would make a great Christmas present for the toddler who has everything. I know I’d be happy if someone bought one for my boys, rather than another toy to add to our already enormous collection!

Cuddle roars from Toby and Gabe

And Toby and Gabe love them too, because who doesn’t love dressing up and pretending to be a dinosaur after your afternoon bath?


**Disclosure: We were sent the Cuddleroar towel for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. We’ve had our fair share of bathtime traumas over the years as well, and it can still be a bit up and down! The Cuddleroar looks fantastic – my son loves dinosaurs too, so this might persuade him to undergo the hair washing (he’s another one who’s not keen!) Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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