Top collectible wine producing countries worth exploring

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“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he dares to lose sight of the shore.” It means that for us to see how wonderful the world is, we must go out and travel. Taking ourselves to places we’ve never been before can surely give us a gratifying feeling. We must have the courage to discover things and places outside of your comfort zones.

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Travelling is fun and fulfilling, especially when we take adventures way from the usual things we know. It can surely relieve the daily anxiety and stress we feel brought by working, studying, or even get away with depression. There are many places you can discover to find your real happiness and contentment.

One of the unique travel experiences you can make is going to the most notable vineyards in the world. Yes, you got that right! Many of us may choose beaches and famous landmarks for a holiday getaway. Taking yourself to the world’s most premier vineyards is making your travelling experience to a whole new level.

It gives you a full understanding of the real meaning of wines. You also have the chance to see closely how each wine is crafted using either traditional or biodynamic farming. Take note that wines are the only most celebrated alcoholic beverages. It is because it can serve many purposes and brings health benefits as well.

In this article, we will give you the top wine-producing regions in the world.  These regions are crafting wines for over centuries. They also made collectible wines which created a legacy not only to their vineyard but also to the taste buds of every consumer. Take time to devour these winery regions and consider going to these places for your next holiday getaway.


French vineyards are known as the world’s largest winemaking region. They were the first region in the world to craft legendary and vintage wines. They also started some of the winery techniques that other vineyards adopted like ageing wine in oak. The land area of French vineyard covers around one-fourth of the entire continent, allowing unique grape varietals to grow freely.

There are ten notable vineyards found in France which makes wine labels unique from the other. They each have their own wine label to boast, which also captures the heart of every wine lover.

Bordeaux deems the most famous region that makes legendary wine labels. They have made wines which became an option of most royal and elite families. Their wines continue to rise in demand up until this day. Make sure to list the French vineyard in your next travel bucket list.


Italy is another large wine-producing country you must not miss travelling. They produce top calibre wines which a lot of wine lovers like to buy all the time. Their massive production of wines has made their country famous not only for food and wine pairing rules but also for the country’s economic stability.

The Italian vineyards are composed of around twenty winery regions. Each of them can produce top-rated wines that some of the world’s finest merchants would like to sell. Tuscany entails the biggest vineyard that provides a large number of wines. You will never go wrong as you head on and visit this world-renowned winery destination.


The Californian vineyards are one of the most prosperous regions who crafts wine facing every challenge. Their wine brands are all influenced by European predecessors. Most of their grape varietals have an influence coming from Italy and France. They also make the most elegant wines which continue to earn a high-demand in the winery market today.

Napa Valley is the largest and most popular vineyard in California. Many tourists are expected to flock every day, especially when the grape varietals are booming. The vineyard does not only offer wine tasting activities, but they also educate every tourist about how they make each wine label. Taking time to tour in this vineyard will surely get you a once in a lifetime chance of looking the winemaking process closely.

South America & U.S.A

The South American vineyards and USA winemaking region is another travel destination you should consider. The economy of these countries gets better with the help of winemaking regions. They are also one of the world’s largest wine producers who can make a trademark to the taste buds of every consumer.

There should be no reason for you to hold back when visiting the South American and U.S.A vineyards. They offer several touring activities that let you see a beautiful landscape of their grape varietals. They also conduct blind tasting and food pairing activities to help you appreciate their wine labels. You will surely enjoy and make a unique travelling experience in your life when choosing to spend your holiday touring the world’s best vineyards.

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