Living Arrows 36/52 (2019)

Well, it wouldn’t be the first week of September without back to school pictures would it? It was actually week 37 last year that had our back to school pictures, and they were the last ones that only had Toby in them…. because both my boys are now at school!

I knew that the start of school was unlikely to be plain sailing for either of the boys. As much as Toby enjoys school when he’s there, he would always rather be at home given the choice, especially after a long summer holiday.

He hadn’t mentioned anything about not wanting to go back to school until it was time to get dressed on Wednesday, when the tears and complaining started. We had a real struggle when he moved into Year 1 last year as it was so different from Reception, but I was hopeful the the move to Year 2 would be smoother.

Toby said he was scared about going back to school, but really I think he was just a bit nervous. Thankfully he calmed down relatively quickly and by the time we got to school he was absolutely fine and has gone into his class every day with hardly a backwards glance!

Toby on his first day of Year 2

Gabe had been excited about starting school too until it came time to get ready on that first morning. I had anticipated we would have trouble though so had made sure we had plenty of time before we needed to leave the house.

After about 15 minutes of tears I managed to calm him down enough to get dressed and then he was absolutely fine. He smiled for his pictures and go to school. He was a bit apprehensive going into his classroom but he went off with the TA without anymore crying or upset.

Gabe on his first day at school

Unfortunately days 2 and 3 weren’t so calm. The tears started when it was time to get dressed and carried on pretty much constantly until I dropped him at school on Thursday (and then he was absolutely fine within 2 minutes apparently!) On Friday, we managed to get through getting dressed and without getting upset but then he was full on wailing and lying on the floor when we had to leave.

It’s hard when he’s so upset, even though I know he’s fine when he gets there. Gabe’s only been in school in the morning for the first few days – he starts full days on Wednesday so I predict it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better! Toby was exactly the same though and I know it will settle down eventually.

I don’t usually include a picture of the boys together in my Living Arrows post but I couldn’t resist including this one…

Toby and Gabe on the first day back at school of 2019

I hope you’ve had a good return to school if you’re children have gone back in the last week, especially all those new Reception starters.

This is my ninth year taking part in this linky celebrating childhood, based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” .

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8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 36/52 (2019)

  1. So glad that they were ok in the end. I still get anxiety attacks when I have to go into situations with lots of people and I am always so impressed with how children for the most part seem to cope so well when their feelings are so much bigger than they are. Hopefully it will get easier from here x

  2. You’d never know from the pictures that there was any upset at going to school – they look like they love it! I hope that by now they’ve settled into the new routine again x

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