Top 4 Web Design Mistakes You’re Almost Certainly Guilty Of Making

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Web design is crucial if you want to create a brilliant brand image. Additionally, web design has a direct influence on user experience. If your site isn’t designed as well as it can be, then users are less likely to enjoy it.

When a user doesn’t like your website you can lose out on lots of leads or potential sales. It’s vital that your site design is as good as it can possibly be. Therefore, ensure you don’t make any of these four common mistakes.

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Too much clutter

If there’s too much stuff happening on your site, then it’s cluttered.

Clutter overwhelms users leading to a shockingly high bounce rate. Not only that, but it makes your site run slower as there’s too much to load up. So, trim things down and focus on creating a simpler, more spacious website design.

A lack of content

Ironically, you could be guilty of doing the complete opposite of cluttering your website! A lack of content leads to a lack of information for the user.

Consider what happens when you visit a website; what are you hoping to see? You want to see enough information to tell you about the site and fulfill your needs.

Consequently, there must be some content on your website. Don’t leave it naked; include important information, clear visual aids, and so on. This will ultimately contribute to building your brand image.

Poor web security

When designing a site, there needs to be a focus on security. Steps have to be made to ensure the site is secure.

To begin, get an SSL Certificate that gives you an https web address. In essence, this shows people your site is secure and encrypted. If you don’t already have this, then you’ve made a big mistake!

But, other errors include not having proper ID verification solutions for your new customers. There must be something on your site that ensures people are who they say they are. Otherwise, anyone can create an account or log into anyone else’s account on your site! When you can verify users, it protects your site from outside threats.

So, do what you can to boost the security elements of your site when designing it from the ground up.

Not mobile friendly

Did you know that Google penalizes sites that aren’t mobile-friendly?

On its own, this statement isn’t too worrying. However, around 60% of all Google searches are made through mobile devices. You can miss out on a lot of web traffic if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site. Users will struggle to find you when surfing the web on their mobile devices.

As a consequence, you must design your site with mobile devices in mind. It’s such a simple thing to do in this day and age. But, you’ll be amazed at how many companies still neglect responsive web design!

With excellent web design, you will keep people on your site for longer. Additionally, you will improve your brand image and boost brand awareness. So, avoid making these four mistakes if you want to achieve design perfection!

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