Living Arrows 26/52 (2019)

So, here we are at week 26, halfway through the year! Last week Gabe enjoyed his second taster session at school, and Toby was a superstar performing in his class assembly. They’re both still so tired though – we’re definitely on the countdown to the holidays here!

This weekend my dad came over and tackled some of the weeds in our garden. We’ve been putting off doing anything because we’re supposed to be getting some big landscaping work done soon. That’s all dependent on our neighbours though (he’s doing the work on his own garden and ours at the same time) and it keeps getting delayed, so the garden was looking a bit like a jungle!

While he was here my dad also took his chainsaw to a massive bush / tree thing that he’s been cutting back over the last year or so. The boys had lots of fun digging in all the soil and sawdust that he’d created!

Gabe digging in the garden

While we were all in the garden one of the neighbour’s cats came to say hello. Toby has been scared of cats for a while now, but this one is really friendly and we actually managed to convince Toby that it really wasn’t going to do him any harm. When he first saw it though he did insist on staying at the top of the slide so it couldn’t come near him!

Toby hiding from a cat at the top of the slide

So now we’re in July – only a few more weeks of school and nursery for the boys, plus Toby’s birthday, a joint party for the boys, and both mine and Barry’s mum’s birthdays too. I think the next few weeks are going to fly by!

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7 thoughts on “Living Arrows 26/52 (2019)

  1. Oh Toby’s face! He really wasn’t sure about the cat was he?! I can’t wait to see your finished garden, I remember when you bought the house and did a tour it was a project you were planning x

  2. You have two very busy weeks ahead eek… It’s pretty exhausting the run up to the holidays! Chilled garden days at this point of the term are so needed aren’t they? #livingarrows

  3. We have end of term tiredness over here too – roll on the summer! Pleased to hear that Gabe enjoyed his second taster session at school! #LivingArrows

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