Living Arrows 26/53 (2018)

Week 26! Halfway through the year, and I’m a bit late with this week’s Living Arrows update. I don’t know what happened to last week, I think life just got away with me. Toby had two birthday parties at the weekend (and I took Gabe to one of them too) so we didn’t really have much family time.

Anyway, here I am now, and with a slight cheat because I took these pictures yesterday. The weather has been absolutely roasting here, just like everywhere else. I’m always worried about the boys playing in the sun – I’m super-paranoid about them getting sunburned. But yesterday after school it was so hot and the boys were hot and sticky so I got them in their UV suits and they had a lovely hour playing with the water table in the shade at the back of the house.

Gabe playing with the water table

Toby throwing a cup of water in the back gardenAs much as this weather is lovely (and a fantastic change from the rain we usually have) but I’m kind of hoping it cools down a bit soon. It was 30 degrees today – that’s just crazy!



Living Arrows

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