The October Blog Tag // More about me

I’ve not completed one of these blogger tags for quite a while. If you’re not a blogger then don’t worry about the name – this is just a chance for me to answer a load of random questions and for you to find out a bit more about me!


Sarah-Jane, although everyone just calls me Sarah.

What is your favourite colour?

I always used to say purple but at the moment I think it’s mustard – I just love it!

Enjoying the October sun

What did you do today?

Dropped two crying children at school and nursery for their first day back after half term, came home and did a bit of blogging, went out to see the nurse for my cervical screening and my NHS health check that I get now I’m 40, came back, did more blog work and now I’m trying to get this post finished before the school run!

Where are you currently?

In my living room, on the sofa with my laptop on my knee and watching Home & Away.

What is your star sign?

Gemini – I don’t believe in horoscopes though. I don’t even know what star sign my boys are!

Cake or Ice cream?

Ooh, that’s too hard. Can I have cake with ice cream?

Frozen or Moana?


A night in or a night out?

Night in.

Home cooked meal or takeaway?

Home cooked most of the time but takeaway for a treat (pizza or Chinese if you’re ordering!)

Pineapple on pizza or no pineapple on pizza?

Not for me thanks.

Books or films?

Both! And if it’s a film based on a book then I always want to read the book first.

Autumn or spring?


Flowers or chocolates?

Chocolates. Not fancy ones though – a box of Maltesers is the way to my heart.

Full fat or diet coke?

Full fat.

Phone or laptop?


What is your current favourite TV series?

I love Grey’s Anatomy – very happy the new series is on. And I’m a big Strictly fan too.

What’s your favourite thing to do in October?

Collecting conkers is one of my favourite things to do in OctoberI love collecting conkers – I think I enjoy it even more than Toby and Gabe do sometimes!

What is your current food to crave?

Always sweet things – I’m such a sugar addict, despite my best efforts to cut down.

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

One piercing in each ear and my nose. I’ve not worn anything in my ear for years but the hole never closes up.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

An extrovert I guess. I’m quite happy with my own company too though.

What is your all time favourite Halloween film?

I don’t have one. I’m not a big Halloween fan I’m afraid.

Name your top 3 favourite artists/bands.

Take That… and I don’t really have any other favourites, I mostly listen to musicals!

Have you got any plans for Halloween?

Nope. Although Toby really wants to get a pumpkin so we’re going to pick one up after school.

Do you have any fears?

Balloons and birds.

Do you believe in life after love?

… I can feel something inside me say, I really don’t think I’m strong enough…. (Any other Cher fans in the house?)

Do you have any children? (or animals you treat as your babies).

Yep! Toby is five and Gabe is three. No pets, and not like to get any either because I’m allergic to everything. We did talk about maybe getting some fish at some point but we’ve not done anything about it yet.

What do you want for your future?

Health and happiness. And children who sleep all night.

Be honest, why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2009 and mostly wrote reviews of stand up comedy as well as random ramblings about life. When Toby was born I started reading more parenting blogs, and also I realised the people who read my other blog weren’t interested in hearing about a baby, so Toby Goes Bananas was born.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

This is quite hard to answer – personally I’d have to say my children,  but work wise probably retraining as a teacher at 32 and then learning Spanish well enough to teach it.

What are your ambitions with your blog?

Mostly just to keep going. And hopefully to keep earning some money from it. I’d love a bigger readership and it’s something I’m trying to work towards over the next year.

If there is one thing you’d like to change about your blog what would it be?

Not much really. I’d just have more people reading it!

Have you achieved any blog goals you set out to do this year?

I wrote a post of goals for 2018 back in January but there weren’t many blog goals among them. One was simply Keep Blogging – and clearly I’m still here! The other one was film more vlogs which I haven’t really done much of at all. I’m not sure why, because I do enjoy it. Maybe I’ll try again for the last few months of the year.

Where do you want to be in 10 years time?

In 10 years time I’ll be 50!! Toby and Gabe will be 15 and 13 and well into their high school years and I can’t really imagine what my life will be like. Perhaps I will have gone back to teaching in some capacity. I hope to at least be earning a decent amount and contributing to our household income whatever I’m doing.

What is your dream holiday?

If it was just me and Barry then a super relaxing all inclusive holiday to somewhere like the Maldives. Or maybe an adventure in Australia  with the boys. Or another US road trip. Or a ski holiday. I don’t know – can I just have all the holidays please?

If you had an entire day to yourself what would you do?

Sleep late, have french toast, bacon and maple syrup for breakfast, have a massage, read a book, see a musical, go out for dinner, watch what I want on TV, have a bath and go to bed.


So there you have it, some more random info all about me! Thanks to Jada from Unique Young Mum for the tag. As we’ve only got one more day of the month left I’m not going to tag any other bloggers but if you want to take part then feel free to go ahead and copy the questions.

2 thoughts on “The October Blog Tag // More about me

  1. I’ve only just seen this Sarah, sorry! Great answers, I’m loving mustard too – so much so I’ve just gone and purchased loads of mustard accessories for the bedroom, eek, and your cake/ice cream answer was genius though I do prefer ice cream!

    Good luck on your goals, and your dream holiday 😉 x

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