Top tips for surviving with a toddler in a plaster cast

Gabe at the pool with his cast protector on

If you’re a regular reader then you may know that Gabe managed to break a bone in his foot by jumping off the sofa a couple of weeks ago. After a bedtime trip to A & E he ended up in a plaster cast to below his knee. We were actually really lucky that it healed quickly and he only had the cast on for 11 days but I thought I’d share a few tips for coping with a toddler in a plaster cast. Read more

Gabriel is two years old

Gabe and mummy blowing out the birthday candles

I’m not quite sure how it’s happened but my little baby, Gabey-goo is two years old! In a lot of ways the time has flown since he was born but at the same time we seem to have been waiting for a long time to well and truly put the baby days behind us. I love both my boys to pieces but it is safe to say I am not a big fan of little babies. Give me a walking, talking toddler any day! Read more

How to cope if your toddler doesn’t sleep

Gabe is 22 and a half months old, and I don’t want to shout to loudly about it, but his sleep seems to finally be improving. In fact as I write this he has slept all night, in his own bed, until at least 6:30 am for four nights in a row! Unfortunately he didn’t make it to five nights but this is very much new territory for Gabe. Everyone expects a lot of sleepless nights when they have a new baby, but when that baby gets to 6, 12, then 18 months old and they still aren’t sleeping it gets harder and harder, so how do you cope if your toddler doesn’t sleep?

I’m going to start this post by saying I only have one piece of advice to give you, and I pretty much guarantee it will work. It may not be the advice that you want to hear but after having two babies who became toddlers who didn’t sleep it is the only thing I know that will help. Read more

My Wild Ones // Chasing bubbles

We had such lovely weather this weekend that we decided to go up to the park at the top of our road. It’s not a very big park – just a slide, a few swings and a see saw but there’s enough to keep Toby happy for twenty minutes or so.

Top of the slide

This week though I decided to stick a bubble wand I had picked up in the supermarket a few weeks ago into the buggy basket so we could have a play with that while we were out.

Come back bubbles

Toby loves bubbles (what toddler doesn’t?) but he normally only plays with them in the bath. He thought the big bubbles were absolutely amazing and spent ages chasing them around the park trying to catch and pop them. He did get a bit frustrated when they blew across the road, or popped before he could get to them but mostly he was having a lovely time.

Almost got it

Of course he wanted to have a go at making the bubbles himself which wasn’t quite so successful – he just kept spinning in circles and any bubbles he did make just popped behind him! Still, with a bit of practice I’m sure he’ll get there.

Bubble maker

Sometimes at the weekends I think we should always have plans, be going somewhere exciting or doing something interesting I think I forget that for a two year old a trip to the park with a bubble wand can be about as exciting as life gets.



Review: Bambino’s Tidy Table Tray

As Toby is still in nursery full time for the moment he eats most of his meals there at a toddler size table and chair. At home though we were still using his highchair for mealtimes and although he was still mostly happy to be in it there were starting to be more occasions when his two year old wilfulness made an appearance and he would make a fuss about going in the highchair. We were looking to move him onto a booster seat and sitting up at the table with us and so when we were given the chance to try the Bambino’s Tidy Table Tray it seemed like a good opportunity to make the transition.

Tidy Table Tray

The Bambino’s Tidy Table Tray (RRP £34.95) is a simple idea that helps toddlers and young children sit up at the table with the rest of the family, whilst containing their mess in an easily cleanable tray. It has a large clip which allows the tray to be attached to almost any table, and it’s strong enough that it can’t be removed by the average toddler. The Tidy Table Tray also has a removable inner tray with a couple of clever features; there’s a space for a cup and also pictures to show where the plate and cutlery should go. The green inner tray also has a lip at the front which helps stop too much food being dropped onto the floor. The Tidy Table Tray can also be used without the inner tray – with a channel round the edge to stop crayons or other things rolling away it’s ideal for arts and crafts.

Tidy Table Tray top

When we first got the Tidy Table Tray we tried using it with Toby in his highchair up at the table but he wasn’t that keen on the idea. This is mostly just because Toby can be very fixed in his ways and is used to his highchair having the tray attached. However, as soon as we put a booster seat on one of our dining chairs he was happy to use the tray up at the table and it’s been great having him sat up at the table with us. Toby now has his own place at the table and he likes to make sure every knows it is ‘Dobby’s chair’! (We’re still working on getting his name right!)

The Tidy Table Tray is a great product and I’m sure we’ll be using it for a good while yet. It’s perfect for the transition from highchair to sitting at the table and allows you to clean up really easily after meals. Great for us as parents and after his initial wobbles, great for Toby too.

**Disclosure: I was sent the featured product in return for this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links

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