My Wild Ones // Chasing bubbles

We had such lovely weather this weekend that we decided to go up to the park at the top of our road. It’s not a very big park – just a slide, a few swings and a see saw but there’s enough to keep Toby happy for twenty minutes or so.

Top of the slide

This week though I decided to stick a bubble wand I had picked up in the supermarket a few weeks ago into the buggy basket so we could have a play with that while we were out.

Come back bubbles

Toby loves bubbles (what toddler doesn’t?) but he normally only plays with them in the bath. He thought the big bubbles were absolutely amazing and spent ages chasing them around the park trying to catch and pop them. He did get a bit frustrated when they blew across the road, or popped before he could get to them but mostly he was having a lovely time.

Almost got it

Of course he wanted to have a go at making the bubbles himself which wasn’t quite so successful – he just kept spinning in circles and any bubbles he did make just popped behind him! Still, with a bit of practice I’m sure he’ll get there.

Bubble maker

Sometimes at the weekends I think we should always have plans, be going somewhere exciting or doing something interesting I think I forget that for a two year old a trip to the park with a bubble wand can be about as exciting as life gets.



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