Superzings Series 2 Collectibles

There are so many collectible toys available these days that it’s hard to know where to start, if you want to start collecting at all! We’ve mostly avoided blind bags and collectibles until this year, but when the Superzings stand appeared in our local Co-op I bought Toby and Gabe one bag each and they were hooked! 

A selection of Series 2 Superzings collectibles

Starting our Superzings collection

Since then we have collected (and it is ‘we’ – I think I enjoy collecting Superzings as much as the boys do!) all of the Series 1 toys, and just when we thought we were done Series 2 launched in the shops! Toby and Gabe were soooo excited to be sent a box of Series 2 Superzings goodies by the lovely people at Magic Box toys and it has helped us make a really good start on our Series 2 collection.

Superzings Series 2 from Magic Box Toys

What are Superzings?

I should probably back track a bit here and explain just what Superzings are… They are little collectible toys, each one based on a household object, food or sport. They all have names and are either heroes or villains. They are split into different gangs and each hero has a villain rival. So there is Wonder C (a toilet) whose rival is Rebel Roll (a toilet roll), or Tackleboy (the football boot) and his rival Tricky (a football). Or I think my favourite, Joe Rumble (a washing machine) and Naughty Socks (you guessed it, a sock!). There are over 80 to collect including Super Rare silver and gold Superzings and in Series 2 the Ultra Rare Professor K.

Superzings Super Jet

Toby and Gabe love collecting the individual Superzings from the blind bags, which at only 80p each aren’t too much of a stretch for my wallet. They have worked as great treats and rewards for the boys, and when they have been extra good then I usually let them choose either a hideout or a vehicle which are a bit more expensive at £1.50 and £2.50 respectively.

To start off both their Series 1 and Series 2 collections Toby and Gabe have had the magazine – this tells the story of the ‘Rivals of Kaboom’ as well as having details of all the individual Superzings and their special powers. Toby especially loves reading about a new character when we get one – finding out what their power is and who their rival is.

Toby and Gabe love collecting Superzings

As well as the blind bags, hideouts and vehicles there are also various blister packs, which have multiple Superzings and accessories, and several playsets such as the Secret Lab Attack which the boys were sent to play with. The playsets do add another dimension to the boys’ play, but even without them they are very happy to make up their own stories and games.

Toby and Gabe looking at the Superzings magazine together

Series 2 also has the Cyber Squad Collector’s Tin which has five exclusive metallic Superzings included.

Superzings Cyber Squad Collector's Tin

As you can probably tell from this post we really are massive Superzings fans in the Toby Goes Bananas house. We love Superzings so much we even go so far as to watch all the videos on the their YouTube channel! I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do once we’ve collected all of Series 2 – I think I’ll be as sad as the boys are going to be!

Superzings are available at Co-op, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, The Entertainer and online from Amazon and direct from Magic Box Toys.

**We were sent the featured products for the purposes of this review. As always all opinions are my own.

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