Why selling your old kids and baby stuff can make more than you think

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Did you know that collection of old kids and baby stuff you have lying around could be worth more than you think? If you aren’t planning on having any more children, selling your children’s old stuff could provide a nice little cash bonus.

Here, you’ll discover why selling your old kids and baby stuff can make more than you think.

Second hand baby and toddler clothes are in demand

Selling baby clothes to make money

One of the most frustrating things about raising a young child, is how quickly they grow out of the brand-new clothing you’ve bought them. The growth rate of babies and toddlers is staggering, often leaving you with clothes that have hardly been worn before they’re too small. It’s a common problem which new parents are starting to wise up to.

Most of Toby’s old clothes went to my friend for her twins, before coming back to me for Gabe but I’ve started selling a lot more now. Plus now Gabe is toilet trained we’ve got all our cloth nappies to sell too – it’s something that is top of my to do list.

Parents often turn to sites such as EBay and Facebook Marketplace, to buy second-hand baby and toddler clothing and there’s a big market out there for preloved baby clothes. One couple who decided to start selling their children’s old clothes and shoes, went on to earn an impressive £1.3 million! So, it just goes to show how lucrative the market can be.

Old toys can be collector’s items

It’s not just your children’s old clothing that can prove lucrative to sell. You also might want to consider selling their toys too. Even better, if you have your own old toys from when you were a child, you could be sitting on a lot more money than you might think. I’ve got a load of old Care Bears toys that I’m tempted to sell, and all the Natwest piggy banks from the 80s!

So, get all of your old toys together, then have a look on auction sites to see how much they’re selling for. You could also consider selling them in a bulk lot to earn even more money. If you do this, you’re going to need to shop around for an affordable parcel delivery service. Sending large parcels can cost a small fortune unless you shop around.

Taking advantage of trade-ins

Another way to earn money from your kid’s old stuff is to trade them in. There’s even a trade-in service for old Lego. All you need to do is bag up all of the Lego you’re looking to sell, weigh it and then sell it through a company known as Zapper.

There’s a lot of different trade-in services, so it’s worth comparing them before choosing one to sell your old stuff through. These are just some of the great ways you can earn a lot more than you might think for your child’s old stuff. Why hold onto them when you could be making a profit?

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