Living Arrows 39/53 (2018)

The last week seems to have absolutely flown by. We’re definitely back into our routine of school runs, swimming lessons and weekends of recovery! Toby and Gabe have both been much more settled going to school and nursery this last week so hopefully the worst is now behind us.

We have Amazon Prime video at home, and Toby and Gabe always seem to find the most random things to watch. Gabe absolutely loves cupcake decorating videos for some reason! On Saturday they started following the suggested videos and we fell down a rabbit hole of how tos… and there were a lot of slime videos involved!

Now, anyone who knows my boys knows that they don’t like getting messy. I partly blame myself, because messiness is definitely not something I have encouraged at home. Anyway, I thought we should do something to take us all out of comfort zones and make some slime of our own.

I didn’t want to do one of the glue and borax ones as I’d heard they could be a bit nasty so instead we just went with conditioner and corn flour with a bit of food colouring. The boys were fascinated as we were making it, but would only stir with a spoon. We were aiming for slime but Gabe was a bit over enthusiastic with the corn flour so we actually ended up with some sort of cloud dough / putty instead!

Toby playing with our homemade cloud dough

It took a little bit of encouragement for them to get really stuck in but I think they did enjoy it in the end. And do you know what? It wasn’t even that messy! I think we’ll definitely be trying some more slime recipes soon…

Gabe making hand prints in our homemade cloud dough

Living Arrows


7 thoughts on “Living Arrows 39/53 (2018)

  1. It’s good that the boys are settling a bit better at school and nursery, it’s so tough to leave them when they don’t isn’t it. Your slime making looks lots of fun, we made some as part of a review this week and the kids absolutely loved it. Have a lovely week x #livingarrows

  2. I know so many children that don’t like getting messy, don’t like anything on their hands… so glad they got into it in the end and the dough looks great! x

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