Siblings // Toby and Gabe in November (2017)

I can’t believe another month has gone by already! Although saying that we’ve had a holiday since last month’s Siblings post so the boys have had plenty of time together. I mentioned last month that Toby and Gabe are finally starting to get on a bit better – and that has continued into this month too.

Gabe can talk so much more now than he could even a month ago and that in turn is making it much easier for him to play with Toby. He can actually say ‘Toby’ now too which is very cute. They still bicker and squabble all the time but they have lots more moments of playing nicely too. This picture was taken a few weeks ago – Toby was trying to teach Gabe how to play bingo. He wasn’t very successful but they didn’t argue about it which is definitely progress.

Toby trying to teach Gabe how to play bingo

We went on holiday to the Lake District at half term, and the boys shared a room like they do at home. Unlike at home though they were also sharing a bed – we pushed the two singles together (mostly to try and stop either of them falling out) and although Toby had a duvet and Gabe was still in his sleeping bag I think they enjoyed being able to talk to each other when they woke up in the morning. Gabe still sleeps in a cot at home but it won’t be long before he needs to move to a bed, and at least we know now he can cope with it when the time comes.

I’ve already shared quite a few pictures from our holiday but here are a few more of Toby and Gabe together.

Wherever Toby goes Gabe is never far behind…

Anywhere Toby goes Gabe will follow

And if one of them has a stick then the other one always has to have one too…

Brothers in the woods with sticks

I love seeing them together these days – they’re just so sweet…

Siblings sharing a snack

And Gabe will usually copy Toby even if he’s not sure what’s going on – like when we were trying to use the augmented reality app on the Gruffalo Spotter’s trail.

Finding the Mouse on the Gruffalo Spotter's trail

After we’d found the Gruffalo they both wanted to buy something in the shop and after I’d steered Toby away from squidgey bugs and expensive Christmas Decorations he chose a little wooden toadstool, and of course that meant Gabe wanted one too…

Two brothers with their wooden toadstools

I also mentioned last month how life is easier now Toby and Gabe can do some of the same activities at home now too. Now, I never normally brave getting paint out at home, and I don’t think I’ve ever let Gabe paint at home before either, but I promised the boys we would make some fireworks paintings, so we did…

Toby and Gabe painting a fireworks picture together

Gabe did end up with a little bit of paint in his hair but it really wasn’t too bad. We actually did a hand print painting after this one and even that didn’t get too messy!

I think that’s about it for this month but I couldn’t go without sharing one last picture – this isn’t the best photograph I’ve ever taken, in fact it was just a quick snap on my phone, and I don’t really know what’s going on with Gabe’s face, but look how cute they are having a cuddle together. And I don’t think I even made them do it this time!

Toby and Gabe having a cuddle


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