Siblings // Toby and Gabe in October (2017)

Not much more to report on the siblings front really. Life continues much the same. Toby is finding Gabe a lot more fun now he can talk, and Gabe still just idolises his big brother. They still spend a lot of time fighting but they are starting to realise they can actually play together too – especially since they have a shared love of all things dinosaur.

I’m finding it a bit easier with the two of them now they can do more of the same things too. A couple of weeks ago Toby decided he wanted to make a dinosaur out of a paper plate – one quick search of Pinterest later and they were both set up at the table to do some colouring…

Toby and Gabe crafting together

We were at a trampoline party at the weekend – Toby was off bouncing straight away but Gabe wasn’t so sure. Once he’d got used to the idea, and watched his brother for a bit, Gabe had a great time too. He really will copy everything Toby does (which can cause all sorts of problems if we’re not careful!)

Toby and Gabe on the trampolines together

And they really do love each other. Gabe likes to walk at least part of the way home on the school run, and today they were holding hands as they walked along. It made me realise that it will only be a few short years before they’re both walking home from school, and I hope Toby is still looking after his little brother then too.

Toby and Gabe - siblings walking home from school together







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  1. Oh my two love trampolines so much we have a few kids parties coming up on them they are so excited. They look so cute together here and sound like a great team. #siblingsproject

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